Six Day Guide to Zanzibar, the Spice Island

Six Day Guide to Zanzibar, the Spice Island

Day One: Beach and Chill

I spent my first couple of days at a private villa on Bwejuu beach. The beaches in this area are especially “local,” but most villas in this area offer a touch of privacy.

Day Two: Dinner at The Rock Restaurant

I went to Dongwe beach and had dinner at the epic restaurant on a rock. The beaches nearby are full of tourists and islanders alike, so we spent an hour enjoying the warm azure waters before our reservation.

Day Three: Swim with sea turtles at Baraka Natural Aquarium

I went swimming with rescued sea turtles in mirky waters (honestly I was terrified).

Day Five: Hotel Hop at Luxury Hotels in Nungwi

It took a bit of finesse, but I grabbed a drink and a curry dish and luxed out at a nearby 5-star hotel.

Day Four: Snorkling around Mnemba Island

I went snorkling around the private Mnemba island. The island is private, but you can still take a boat and explore the surrounding waters.

Day Six: Shop for gems in Stonetown

I came with a specific list for Stonetown, and I spent hours going back and forth with the merchants to get the prices I wanted for spices, baskets, and this beautiful painting below. It is possible to tackle this in under 3 hours, but I suggest a more extended stay to truly feel the vibe of this town.

Been to Zanzibar? Plan to go? Leave me a shout in my comments with your plans and questions and look out for my detailed guide on how to prepare for a trip to the Spice Island.