Eat, Pray, Connect: Bali, Indonesia

Eat, Pray, Connect: Bali, Indonesia

Travelling is like flirting with life. It's like saying, "I would stay and love you, but I have to go; this is my station..." -St Aubin de Teran.


If you've ever seen the movie Eat, Pray, Love, you most likely remember a lively Jennifer Roberts strolling through the streets of Italy, India, and Indonesia in search of good food and relaxation.

While in Bali, Indonesia, I found all of this and more. I discovered amazing eateries, the type of beauty that begs for meditation, as well as wonderful individuals who captured my heart and in me, ignited every ounce of compassion and love I could find.


Culture is an inevitable experience of travel. Food is one aspect of culture that I never hesitate to dive right into when I explore new terrains. Luckily, Southeast Asian food is bursting with so many exciting flavors; there is something for everyone. My favorite foods are those doused with heavy flavors - lemon grass, curries, ginger, and beyond.

Staying in Ubud is a foodie's paradise. On the balcony of my quaint bungalow, I was served breakfast and each morning I looked forward to the treasures they would bring.



Ubud, Bali is one place that brings all the "yogis" together. Yoga classes are all over this little town.

One rainy day, I found a meditation class at a place called The Yoga Barn. My day slowed down and one rainy stressful day became a day of silence, reflection, and tranquility.




Before my trip, I had been in contact with a woman from my travel group who would show me around. When I got to Ubud, I joined her and her young ones for dinner. They were young and full of energy and so excited to meet another American in Bali. They played with my hair, hugged me endlessly, and made arts and craft for me to keep. Later on that week, their mother told me that before bed they would say, "I love mommy, daddy, and Ms. Bunmi!" I thought that was the most beautiful thing! All over the world I met children who would capture my heart. That is one of the joys and woes of travel- you meet wonderful people, but return home and end up thousands of miles away, unsure if you'll ever see their brilliant faces again.

Traveling alone often forces one to trust strangers which creates opportunity to meet new companions and establish connections all over the world. I met a few people in Bali who will forever be a part of my life and for that experience alone, I am grateful for this trip.